Covid-19: The Unexpected Outbreak

None of us expected it.

Before quarantine, my friends and I would joke about the infamous coronavirus. To us, it was barely a threat. There had been less than 100 cases in the United States and almost none in our home state. On March 14, we learned that we would be out of school for two weeks. For so many students, this was a relief. Schools were no longer a stress- inducer for students with loads of work. Online school was a breeze and I started to enjoy the stress-free lifestyle. 

Then, everything changed. Businesses started to close. Families could no longer eat inside restaurants. Teenagers could not go to the mall to shop or hang out. Dance became an online sport. I had become accustomed to online school, but online dance was a whole different story. I could not interact with my friends while taking class, I had to learn off a computer, and I had to make do with a small space. It is officially week 9 of online dance and all I want to do is go back to real life. Before the corona outbreak, I enjoyed dancing. I was excited to go to the studio every day. Now, dance feels like a chore. 

On another note, going on walks is everyone’s new favorite thing. For the past 2 months, my family and I have been going on weekly hikes. We try to go somewhere without many people, but it’s kind of hard since hiking has become so popular. Along with hiking, walking in the neighborhood has become a popular activity. Every time I take a walk in the neighborhood, I see at least 10 people that I have never seen before. It has become so popular because it is better than sitting in the house and doing nothing. 

Lastly, there is a sense of fear everywhere I go. Supermarkets have become a scary place. They are always so crowded and everyone is wearing a mask. I know the mask is supposed to protect me, but seeing everyone wearing them makes me feel as if the chance of me getting the virus is higher. Additionally, everyone is stocking up on food, so many of the aisles are empty. 

Overall, this experience has not been very fun. It is doable, but I hope that it is over soon.

Rebecca Xu is a student at East Greenwich High School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

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