Life in Quarantine

Being stuck in the house 24/7 has taught me to not take my everyday actions for granted. Being in quarantine has also taught me that any day could be the last and we should take risks. Not like extreme risks that will put my own or others lives’ in danger. Risks like talking to people you wouldn’t, or even trying to get over a fear. During this social distancing the world is going through has made me come to terms and really understand myself more in a way. 

Technology, my family, the internet, my dogs, and personal transportation vehicles are all things that are important to me during this time. There are more important things than the ones I’ve listed but I’m going to stick with these ones for now.

My animals (especially my dogs!) are super important to me during this pandemic. I feel like they can sense when I’m beginning to feel anxious with homework and classwork because they’ll just jump onto my lap and fall asleep. (They’re all very adorable and that just adds to the fact.) I would say I miss going to my friends’ houses but I didn’t really go to a lot of my friends’ houses. I really only talked and went over to one person’s house. My Playstation is pretty important to me, too. Whenever I need a break from school work, humans, and reality and just hop onto my game. One of my favorite games would have to be Apex Legends because I can’t build for my life in Fortnite (but I’ve gotten better). I’d also say that Youtube and social media apps have been important in my life right now. They keep me entertained so I don’t get bored and my attention span can be kind of short sometimes, so I bounce through just about all the apps on my phone. I’ve even gotten to the point where I have been putting random equations in my calculator.

We’re never going to get this under control if the world doesn’t take this seriously and that’s just the sad, sad fact.

Talis Cable is a student at School One in Providence, Rhode Island.

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