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To My Personal Blog, 

Since we are going to be friends for life, I should start telling you about myself. I am 14, and I was born in Pakistan. I also consider myself Afghani since I spent much of my childhood there. My family is Muslim. We emigrated to America in 2018 for a brighter life, but we didn’t expect a great tragedy after being here for just two short years. 

Today the weather is gorgeous. I wish I could go outside, but since the Covid-19 pandemic started, no one has come outside. Everyone expected 2020 would be like other years. . .“normal.” Instead, nothing is the same. So many things have happened since 2020 started: the wildfires in Australia, where countless animals have died. World War 3 was forthcoming, because Qasem Sleiman, the Iranian military leader, was assassinated by Americans. Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s death made everyone depressed. Then the deadly virus exploded in China like a volcano. 

It spread quickly around the world. Now America is the top country that has the most infected people. The world is in lockdown. Millions of people have died, and every minute the number of infected people rises, as well as the number of deaths. Also, there are insects called Murder Hornets that can kill people flying around. Now no one can leave their houses! When will we get out? 

Suddenly Disney is out of magic!

Paris is no longer romantic! We realize that power, beauty, and money are worthless and can’t get us the oxygen that we are fighting for. The air, earth, water, and sky without us are fine. I feel like Elsa from Frozen when she was quarantined for 13 years. I have only been quarantined for a month and a half. Yet it feels like years. 

However, the old saying “that as one door closes, another opens” is what we must remember. We have been spending time with our family, have slowed global warming, plants have started growing, animals are out freely, no one can stop or hunt them. We have temporarily stopped using toxic chemicals that hurt our environment. 

People are helping one another, and being kind to each other. The world has been turned upside down, but it feels like our world is finally breathing again, and even though I feel like Elsa, stuck in my home, I can also breathe in hope, hope for our future. 



Sitara Muhammad Reza Qamber Ali is a student at Gilbert Stuart Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island.

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