Where Are All the Snacks?

So, the Covid-19 outbreak? It’s really been crazy. No one can even leave their house or talk to anyone else in person. Totally insane. I have a confession to make. I hardly ever leave my house anyway. I’m homeschooled, so all these students complaining that they have to take online classes now are kinda funny to me. My day is all about online classes. Overall, the whole quarantine thing hasn’t been much different for me. But, I have a preexisting health condition and if I do get the virus I’ll probably die.

“But that’s never gonna happen, right? How could I catch it?” I say to myself with certainty, like the guy in the horror movie who decides to go into the basement.

In all seriousness, this has been really scary for everyone. On message boards all anyone will talk about is how they’re quarantined and hoping this whole thing will end soon. It really stinks not being able to talk to people. I’m an amateur filmmaker, and by that I mean I make videos on YouTube. I currently have time, money, and ideas, but no people. Everyone is on their computer now, and as a result, the internet is running slow, so I can’t even talk with people online. My friend pitched me a video idea in an online call and halfway through, I lost connection with him. It’s a shame. From the first sentence it sounded like a funny idea. Overall a lot of things haven’t changed for me unless you count not being able to buy snacks (day 21 in quarantine: we’re out of Oreos), but it’s definitely still different and definitely still scary.  People are dying. Other people are denying that it’s even happening. Some people are making the obviously brilliant decision to hoard all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Then there’s me listening to the same songs I’ve been listening to for the past 5 years and wondering when It’ll be safe to go to the store to get more grape soda.

Anyway, that’s basically everything I can tell you about what it’s been like for me since the outbreak. I really hope someone finds a cure soon since Iwasn’t kidding about running out of grape soda.

Toshiro Brooks is a homeschool student in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He is a 2019 Write Rhode Island winner.

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