How COVID-19 Has Changed the World

It seems crazy that it was only a few months ago that it was okay to go over to your friend’s house or go to some event and live your life in the outside world. Now, all of these actions seem foreign to us as we self-isolate within our homes, blindsided by everything that has happened to the world these past couple of months. Seeing the world change so rapidly as the pandemic known as COVID-19 came into existence has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen; unlike anything any of us have ever seen. 

I still remember seeing the news about COVID-19 in January when the outbreak had just started, but I never thought it would reach the global scale it has reached now. It certainly has been difficult to get adjusted to online classes, and staying at home for such an elongated period of time has started to take a bit of a toll on my nana and me, but we are pushing through it and trying to make the best out of this situation. Throughout the few weeks that this pandemic has been around, I’ve witnessed people experiencing fear and confusion, not knowing when this ordeal is going to end. I’ve seen people go from fist-bumping and shaking hands with their friends to bumping elbows instead, and then at some point, people were no longer able to go six feet near each other. 

This virus has instilled fear in the hearts of mankind, but it has also shown me that in times of crisis, the best in humans can be brought out. Throughout the world, billions of people have, from their states of self-isolation in their homes, come together to protect each other, stick together, and stay strong. I’ve observed that people have realized that we’re all in this together, and that we have to defend each other through these confusing times. Although no one knows what the future holds due to this outbreak, I’m definitely glad that people have been able to keep each other safe, and I know that we will be able to overcome this pandemic with our solidarity and love for each other.

Maison Teixeira is a student at Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is a 2020 Write Rhode Island winner.

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