The Sun and The Clouds

You move your lamp to the left side of your desk and are still surprised when your paper is shadowed by your hand. It is your third time moving it today. You look out the window, desperate for inspiration, and are still surprised when the tree outside, damp from the constant rain and sharp against the gray sky, is the only thing in your sight. You look at the clock in the corner of your computer screen and are surprised when the time hasn’t changed. The cursor blinks incessantly on your blank page, mocking you for the lack of words. You are not surprised. It has been doing it all day. Outside the window, the gray sky bleeds into the gray road, and you are surprised when marching along the divide is a small figure cloaked in red. You look back to the page on your screen, the blinking cursor. You are surprised when words begin to appear. And when you look outside, you see that despite the gray clouds above the gray road, the sun still shines through. 

The days are filled with repetitiveness and you may be feeling like the gray skies won’t leave. But take note of the little things, like the people out walking in the fresh air, or a glimpse of the sun through the clouds. Those will be what carry you through the changes and the challenges you and the world are facing. 

Delia Tanzi Buchbaum is a student at Quest Montessori School in Narragansett, Rhode Island. She is a 2019 and 2020 Write Rhode Island winner.

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