I sit upright in bed and look outside at the foreboding clouds, hoping to see the sun again. I step into my slippers and drag myself down the stairs. I flop down at the kitchen table and stare at a wall, gathering the energy to make myself breakfast. Outside, the road is empty of cars,… Continue reading Comfort


Everyone on the internet seems to be losing their minds over the whole isolation thing. Some people ignore it, they hold “coronavirus parties,” and hang out.  A few even call the virus a hoax. They go about their lives normally. Some are prepping for the End Times. They’ve raided the supermarkets and stores of all toilet paper… Continue reading Isolation

Ten Steps

This whole thing feels like the plot of a post-apocalyptic YA novel. Crucial shelves at Target, Dave’s, CVS--all empty. There’s nothing left but the plasticky little price tags. As per usual, we have too much of what we don’t need.  I would say the streets are empty, too, except they’re not. There are too many… Continue reading Ten Steps